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What is Powder coating and surface modification production line

The powder coating and surface modification production line is also named as powder modification machine,powder surface modifying machine / equipment,mineral powder Coating machine / equipment, which is mainly responsible for three purposes, the first is mixture, the second is dispersion and third is surface modification to the powder via a specified melting modifier, resulting in a good combination. It can be divided into continuous modified production technology and batch ones, also there are two combinations of processes.

Industrial basic technical requirements:
  • Dispersity of modifier is increased by means of dilution, emulsification and spray.
  • The material to be modified is fed into the coating machine, where the material will be mixed, dispersed and then coated by atomizing modifier sprayed by dosing pump and the the powder will be coated evenly and completely.
  • Control of system temperature and time is so regulated not only to meet the requirement for coating mechanism or modifier on technical conditions, but also to guarantee coating reaction or coating sufficiency.
  • The coordination of feeding material and modifier ensure the complete coating.
  • In conjunction of accessories ( depolymerizing machine or classifier), the product quality will be improved largely.


Pin Mill Coating Machine
  • Normally, this type is very popular in European and American markets.
  • Two rotors running in opposite direction, their linear speed can be up to 200m/s.
  • High-speed impact, shear and friction lead to full dispersion of materials and temperature rise, resulting in powder modification completely.
Three-Roller Coating Machine
  • It is very popular in China.
  • Realize powder surface modification by changing inner vortex with three rotating rotors.
  • Low investment and operation cost without any additional heating system.
Vortex mill Coating Machine
  • The powder coating machine employs conic rotor and stator, the gap between them can be adjusted.
  • The highest linear speed of the rotor can reach 130 m/s.
  • The powder surface modification will be completed by high-speed impact, shear and friction of materials between stator and rotor driven by a motor.
High-speed mixing coating machine
  • Batch-type operation.
  • Some materials has to be modified by silane coupling agent under high temperature and long time reaction.
  • Equipped with heating timing device, the modification temperature and time can be controlled.
  • Selectable ceramic liner is free from metal pollution.

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Right Powder coating and surface modification production line.”


It’s also powder coating and surface modification production line, but it’s very different in terms of application, capacity, finished products particle sizes. Each model has the most suitable application and materials. As an expert, you will not be unfamiliar with this.If you have any questions, don’t worry, please click on “SELCETION GUIDE” below, or “Live Chat” in the lower right corner of this page, or contact us via our phone or email.


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