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40,000 square meters factory, refined and intelligent manufacturing, provide you with professional solutions and mature supporting products.


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Never stop the technological innovation, more than 50 patents, so that every piece of equipment becomes the masterpiece of ALPA people.


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From consulting to after-sales support, the all-weather, all-process, all-round, whole-hearted service system will Escort for you.


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With 18 years of focus on ultra-fine ultra-pure crushing and classifying research, powder shape control,
powder surface modification, and system integration of powder engineering equipment,and provide customers with complete solutions.

Jet Mill

The first Chinese large-scale Jet Mill grinding equipment, has two structures: vertical and horizontal, which help customers to develop market.

Steam Jet Mill

The nano-scale & sub-micron pulverization of the dry process can be realized, the problem of big air viscous force and product agglomeration can be effectively solved.

Impact Mill

The particle size range is from 20 mesh to 3000 mesh, production capacity is from 5kg/h to 5000kg/h. The cold air, air circulation and nitrogen circulation process can be selected.

Air Classifier

The vertical multi-rotor classifier, suitable for precise classifying of different materials.

Laboratory Equipment

The first combined structure of Jet Mill, Air Classifier and Impact Mill. High efficiency airtight seal, small footprint, easy operation and wide application.

Powder coating and surface modification production line

The modifier has a small amount of use, high coverage rate, high degree of automation, flexible production process, environmental protection and energy saving, abundant equipment selection and customizable solutions.

Classifying and Ball Mill Production Line

Large-scale, intelligent, energy-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, reasonable production capacity, large output, stable operation, stable product quality.

Classifying and Ball Mill Production Line


Auxiliary Equipment

Can be used together with various types of jet mills, Impact Mills and Classifiers to meet the demanding requirements of the closed operation.

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Customers cover various industries worldwide. Over the past 18 years, there have been more than 3,000 customer cases.

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Regardless telephone or online consultation, we will immediately provide professional Q&A guidance. We provide you with professional solutions.



We establish an in-depth understanding of your every need, in order to provide you with the most suitable solution design and configuration. We are committed to maximize the operational benefits of your powder equipment.


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ALPA has service outlets all over the world. We offer all-round services wholeheartedly for the whole process in all weather conditions, so as to help you overcome your worries and solve your problems.

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37 companies listed in 500 international top-class ones , 89 companies listed in 500 Chinese top -class ones , 169 national level key laboratories and other customers are more than 3000,is a silent compliment to us.


What our clients says

We are a new energy listed company in India. We have branch factories in India, have been using ALPA’s ultra-fine grinding equipment since the company started to reach a market value of nearly 30 billion. The equipment is stable and has high production capacity.

A well-known customer of battery materials

We are a well-known mineral enterprise in South Africa. We invested in heavy calcium carbonate grinding project, wanted to look for a superfine grinding equipment with low investment cost, quick effect, low operating cost, guaranteed output, fast service and high quality. After the inspection, we believed that ALPA had rich experience in superfine grinding of heavy calcium carbonate. We cooperated with ALPA to purchase four sets of superfine grinding equipment at one time, and they are running well.

A well-known customer in the field of non-metallic minerals

We are the largest paracetamol manufacturing company in Malaysia. We have many ultra-fine grinding equipments, but the capacity, granularity, stability, and related services have not been able to meet our demanding requirements. When we expanding production capacity, we believe that ALPA’s research and development ability with high product precision, fast service and let us save energy and worry.

A well-known customer in the pharmaceutical industry

We are the largest and well-known  colla corii asini enterprise in Pakistan. In the new The donkey milk powder grinding project, we encountered problems such as sticky materials and light weight after the materials were heat. ALPA passed detailed investigation and experiment. Optimize the structure of the equipment, finally solved the problem of sticky and light weight when the milk is ultra-finely pulverized, so that our new project can be delivered on schedule, thank you very much.

A well-known customer in the food industry

We are a large steel manufacturing enterprise in Korea. During the production process, produced large amount of industrial solid waste steel slag. Under the current pressure of environmental protection, it has become a difficult problem to restrict the sustainable development of enterprises. Efficient integrated processing solutions, ALPA provides us with the most advanced ultra-fine steel slag grinding solutions in Korea: including raw material conveying, ultra-fine grinding, finished product conveying, coating, turnkey engineering etc. Significant contributions have been made in energy saving, emission reduction and creating greater economic benefits.

A well-known customer in the industrial solid waste field

We are a well-known enterprise in Vietnam.We have used ultra-fine grinding equipment of other Chinese manufacturers and have not been able to meet our quality requirements. During the expansion project, through the inspection, we believed that ALPA ultrafine grinding equipment can achieve the processing technology, grinding fineness, productivity and stability. Three sets of high standard ultrafine have been provided by ALPA. Now we have become the first-tier supplier of Tsingtao Beer, thanks to the contribution behind ALPA.

A well-known customer in the fine chemicals

We are a well-known high-tech company in Germany. We have been using the classifier equipment of other Chinese manufacturers. We can’t meet the requirements of classification accuracy and efficiency. When expanding the zinc oxide powder project, we believe that ALPA has experience in design and product quality, they can meet our requirements. We purchased two sets of ALPA Jet Mill production lines, which reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.

A well-known customer in the high-tech materials

We are a wholly-owned enterprise from Belgium. We are a well-known brand manufacturer of bread, cakes and cakes in the world. We have been using ultra-fine grinding equipment imported from Germany. In order to meet the needs of localized service, in the expansion of white sugar project, we believe that ALPA’s superfine grinding equipment can achieve the quality in the processing technology, grinding fineness, productivity and stability. After the project is launched, the operation has been very stable.

A well-known customer in the food industry

In the University Rankings, our School of Materials Science ranks 1th in Brazil. We have a number of independent advanced state-level laboratories, a large number of imported experimental equipment, and always require a small footprint, high grinding and classification accuracy, high degree of automation. At same time achieve impact mill, jet mill, classifying of multiple functions. After many inspections of the factory and experimental verification, we believe that ALPA can meet our demanding requirements in terms of design experience and product quality, making our new materials research even more powerful.

A national key laboratory

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Based on our own development, whether it is ALPA news, industry hotspots, customer sites or technological innovations, we will present them to you in the first time.

Grateful to meet, thanks for being there

November 26th, 2020|

2020 something unusual. It feels good because of your companionship. Thanks giving Day, I’ve been different from the usual. These words come from my heart, please listen attentively.

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March 30th, 2019|

Poetry,Is a voice that cannot be described by words.Music,Is the voice of the fiery soul.Painting,Is a voice that the eyes cannot make.Creation,Is a voice that a creator is ought to make.Story,Is a voice that a striver makes to express opinions.

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Learn about ALPA

“With the small work done, you can achieve the greatest business!” It is hard to imagine that this is said by a young and ordinary “artisan” in the ALPA workshop. For 12 years, he only concentrated on one thing, that is, welding. But in his eyes, the light of the “artisan spirit” is transmitted. By finishing little work, you can make the greatest business.

With the small work done, you can achieve the greatest business

Initial impression of Mr. Wang Yongsen’s of ALPA was his Honest face, giving us many different practical. When installing and debugging for our customer in Anhui, the water in the mining area was tense and bathing became a problem. He gave up the arrangement of returning to the county every day, and spent the evening time in debugging and guiding training for customers. When he completed his mission and went home, he taken a bath used for 2 hours. He always said, “Young people are not afraid of hardship, they are afraid that they will not suffer.”

Not afraid of hardship, afraid of not suffering

Whether it is severe winter or hot summer, Chen Xiuyan has always done a good job in each sample test and analysis. When she encounters difficulties in her work, she always tries to overcome it. Sometimes she gives the client an experiment to work overtime until the early morning, and there is no complaint in her heart. Chen Xiuyan’s serious and responsible work attitude and professionalism, working quietly on the fields of hope. Hard work pays off, under her efforts, the laboratory has achieved a 10-year zero error in the sample test.

With a normal heart, we are holding out a strong

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Lead you to enjoy a real, attractive ALPA.


EPC service

EPC project service covers project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service and quality inspection etc by relying on the manufacturer’s perfect development &research, production, sales and service system.



In the fields of medicine, food, chemicals, minerals, new materials, new energy, solid waste, etc.,provide the globally competitive products and advanced “one-stop” solutions for powder material manufacturers.


Industry Application

It can be applied to the superfine grinding of tens of thousands of materials in many industries.


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