Dry Grinding

The material touches and hits other particles or rotors in the enclosed area until it is broken into the required size

Classifying & Separating

According to the effect of centrifugal force, gravity, inertial force, etc. of particles of different sizes in the medium, the separation of particles of size is realized

Coating & Surface Modification

Enhance the compatibility, dispersibility, mechanical strength and comprehensive performance of powder and matrix

Drying & Dispersing

The quality of the dried products is uniform, the maximum dehydration capacity can reach 2t/h, and product modification can also be carried out at the same time

Powder Spheroidization

Reduce material edges and corners, improve sphericity, thereby controlling morphology and improving particle fluidity

Dust Removal & Collection

After the dust is collected by filtration, it can not only be reused, but also effectively protect the environment

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Production & Distribution

From design flow chart to delivery to your hands, every link does not dare to slack.

Installation, Commissioning & Training

The successful and reliable operation of any equipment must start with a careful and thorough arrangement, well-executed installation, commissioning and trial production.

Process Upgrade & Optimization

With the production of new research results, the resulting process upgrades will bring new changes to your production.

Quality Assurance

Every process and every product needs to be tested by strict quality inspection.

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