ALPA provides original accessories for all equipment and systems

Any mechanical parts, after a period of use, will be worn or damaged. Therefore, your machine may need to be replaced with new parts. If you are using ALPA machines, don’t worry at all. We have made sufficient preparations to guide you to quickly complete the replacement of accessories in the shortest possible downtime, and debug to full marks.

1.  Maintain the excellent performance of the machine, just like a new machine;
2. The price is reasonable and fair, and will not add higher costs;
3. The quality is reliable and the service life of the machine is improved.

The accessories are consumables. It is recommended that you stock a few more sets of wearable accessories when buying the machine. The price is cheaper and it saves more waiting time.

Fast repair service

If you need repair or upgrade service in addition to accessories, we will provide you with experienced engineers who can help you diagnose and solve any problems.

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