Rotor Mill for drying, dispersing and modifying

Realize the functions of drying, dispersing and modifying at the same time

The drying and dispersing modified rotor mill is a very efficient mechanical mill with multiple rotors on its vertical shaft. Multi-layer grinding cutter head, strong shearing force and breaking power, can be connected to hot air source for multiple purposes, and realize the functions of drying, dispersing and modifying at the same time.

When the machine is running at high speed, it drives a strong air flow, allowing the agglomerated powder particles to stay in the internal stator of the machine. The stator is designed in a special groove shape. The wind pressure and wind speed form a strong vortex, which will generate shear, friction, and centrifugal force, which will quickly roll the material into single particles and restore them to the original particle size or natural crystal particles.

According to different materials and application industries, the production capacity and particle size range will be different.
Please contact our engineers to customize the equipment for you. Our experts will contact you within 6 hours to discuss your needs for machine and processes.

Machine Advantages

Integration of grinding and drying, high efficiency, low cost operation. Operation temperature up to 400℃, insulation design to bearing.

The material is in full contact with the hot air, fully heat exchange, moisture is taken away effectively, the heat source is more efficiently utilized. Energy saving 30%-50% compared with traditional drying processing.

Built-in classifying wheel, oversize particle could be ground in circulation.

Grinding head and lining are replaceable and can be selected based on different raw materials.

Technical Parameters

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineers for details.