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How large is your company? How many people? What is the output value?

Founded in 2010, our company currently covers an area of 100,000 square meters, has 400 employees, and has an output value of more than 600 million in the past three years. It has strong comprehensive strength in the ultrafine grinder and classifier industry, ranking it in the world The first three. The first two are Germany's ALPINE and Netzsch. ALPINE was acquired by Hosokawa of Japan in the 1980s. Both are companies with more than 100 years of history.

What are the advantages of your equipment and technology?

The founder of our company is a well-known expert in the industry, leading a management team with more than 20 years of experience in the industry to ensure that our company's research and development strength and production capacity maintain the advanced level of the industry throughout the year. Welcome to our company for on-site inspections.

Our company has always maintained a cooperative relationship with German companies. It is the OEM foundry and global strategic partner of German GC company. The equipment covers many fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, minerals, new materials, new energy, solid waste, etc., to provide customers with "One-stop" solution.

Is your equipment exported? Which countries and regions are exported to? Are there branches or offices abroad?

Our company has self-support import and export rights, and the equipment has been exported to more than 30 countries overseas, and has offices in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia to provide localized services.

Has your company passed the quality system certification? What other certifications can be provided?

Our company has passed ISO quality management system certification and intellectual property system certification, and is the first batch of intellectual property standard implementation enterprises in Shandong Province. Equipment exported to the EU can also provide CE certification, and equipment exported to Russia can provide EAC certification.

Relevant Qualification Certification

What is the quality of the machines produced by your company?

Our machines quality is comparable to HOSOKAWA ALPINE and NETZSCH, but the price is only about one-fifth. Since more than 3,000 customers have chosen us, I believe you will not be wrong. You are welcome to visit the factory on site.

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How many parts does your equipment include?

In addition to the main engine and classifier, it also includes cyclone separators, dust collectors, induced draft fans and electric control cabinets, wires and cables, and compressed air sources. We can provide a complete set of production lines ready to use.

What is the granularity of your company's crusher and classifier equipment?

At present, the finest particle size of dry pulverization in the industry is generally about 2 microns. If we use our latest steam mill technology, some materials can be crushed to sub-micron, that is, less than 1 micron.

What is the output of a single piece of equipment of your company's crusher and classifier?

The capacity of the equipment is related to the hardness, moisture, density, grindability, fluidity and other indicators of the material. The output of different materials produced by the same equipment varies greatly. For the same material, different equipment particle sizes can also cause large differences in output. Please provide the nature and detailed requirements of the materials, and our engineers will provide you with equipment selection and solutions.

Which is better for fluidized bed jet mill or spiral and disc jet mill?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be selected according to the specific requirements of materials.

The fluidized bed jet mill is equipped with a precision grading wheel, which is more convenient to adjust the particle size of the disc jet mill. The equipment has a finer particle size, but it is more troublesome to disassemble and clean, and the equipment investment is also higher.

The disc jet mill has higher output, lower energy consumption and lower equipment investment while meeting the granularity.

What is the difference between a vertical grading wheel and a horizontal grading wheel?

The horizontal grading wheel has high grading accuracy and high stability, and is suitable for equipment with high requirements for Dmax (vertex cutting). The shaft of the transmission system of the vertical classifying wheel is too long, resulting in limited speed and relatively low energy consumption, but the top cut of the particle size is not as good as the horizontal classifying wheel, which is suitable for the case where the classification particle size is relatively low.

What is the difference between a direct connection motor and a belt connection?

Belt drive is a common practice in the industry. High speed can be achieved through the speed ratio design of the pulley. The motor can be a standard motor, which has low motor price, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. If a high-speed direct-connected motor is used, because the motor is a non-standard equipment, special customization is required, the price is high, the failure rate is high, the number of manufacturers to choose from is limited, and the maintenance service is more troublesome. Therefore, our company recommends belt drive, but it can also provide direct motor drive.

What is the difference between with a whirlwind and without a whirlwind?

With cyclone is the standard configuration of crusher and classifier. If the requirements for fine powder of materials are relatively high, the cyclone can drive part of the fine powder into the dust collector. The content of ultra-fine powder in the cyclone collection equipment is reduced, and the particle size distribution will be narrower, but it will increase the cost and space. The equipment collected by the cyclone and the dust collector are two kinds of materials with different thicknesses, which need to be selected according to your actual needs.

How high is the collection efficiency of the cyclone?

The general collection efficiency is 90-95%, up to 98%-99%. The collection efficiency is related to the particle size, density, moisture, fluidity, etc. of the material, which requires specific analysis of specific circumstances, and cannot be generalized.

What structure does the dust collector adopt? How high is the filtering precision?

At present, the dust collector used in the crusher industry is mainly of filter bag type, and in special cases, filter cartridge type or plastic sintered plate type is also used. However, the latter two forms are more expensive and have certain defects. They are not recommended for use under special circumstances.

The domestic filter bag material can efficiently collect particles above 2 microns after being coated with a filtration accuracy of 99.99%. For equipment with a high content of fine powders below 2 microns, it is better to use a plastic sintered plate dust collector.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of jet mills compared with other types of mills? Under what circumstances should I choose a jet mill? What materials are suitable for jet mills?

The jet mill is a device that can achieve extremely fine particle size by dry pulverization. The gas stream can be compressed gas or superheated steam. The limit particle size achieved by compressed gas pulverization is about D50: 2 microns, and the limit particle size achieved by superheated steam pulverization is about D50: 1 micron. Some materials can reach sub-micron level, that is, between 0.1 micron and 1 micron.

The biggest disadvantage of the jet mill using compressed air as the medium is the high energy consumption, and it is not recommended to apply non-high value-added equipment. The jet mill has the advantages of low temperature rise, fine particle size and high purity, which is the best choice for the production of high value-added materials.

What material does your company use for equipment? What materials are used for key components?

Our company will choose different materials according to the nature of your materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 316L...), etc. Some key components will use special materials as needed, such as alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, and nitrogen. Silicon carbide ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, etc., can also be selected from imported alloy materials with high wear resistance.

You start production of the equipment first, can you make the advance payment a few days later?

Our company is a non-standard customized equipment, which can be manufactured only after confirming the drawing, signing and sealing and paying the deposit according to the contract or technical agreement. Under special circumstances, both parties can coordinate the handling. I hope that your company will handle it as soon as possible, so as not to affect the delivery.

Is your company's equipment in stock?

Our company is customized equipment, usually not in stock. Some key components with a long production cycle will reserve inventory to shorten the production cycle.

Can the delivery period be 60 days?

Normally, it takes 60 days from the time the contract is signed and the deposit is received to when the equipment leaves the factory. Under special circumstances, it can be advanced to 40-50 days.

How long will the accessories be available?

Commonly used accessories are generally in stock, and can be shipped immediately after receiving the payment.

Do you provide equipment installation?

Our company provides installation guidance and training. After the equipment enters the factory, our engineers will also go to the site to guide the installation.

Is the quality of your equipment guaranteed?

There is no doubt about this. First of all, our company's core competitiveness is technology research and development capabilities; secondly, our company's industry-leading quality control capabilities, strong strength, and 20-year-old after-sales service team can solve your worries at any time.

What should I do if there is a problem with the equipment?

First of all, we don't want the equipment to have problems. However, as the equipment runs for a long time, failures are inevitable. Please contact our customer service department as soon as possible, and the customer service staff will arrange after-sales engineers to call your company to understand the situation and make a preliminary judgment. If your company's personnel cannot eliminate the fault, our engineers will generally rush to the scene to provide services within 48 hours.

Our company has an after-sales service team of more than 20 people, with staff all over the country, and can arrange for the engineer closest to your company to assist in solving the problem.

What if the equipment has serious quality problems?

Before leaving the factory, our equipment will conduct a 24-hour no-load operation test machine, and some equipment will carry out a load test machine with materials upon request. Generally, serious equipment failures will not occur. In case of special circumstances, our company will send an engineer to the site in time to deal with it. If it cannot be handled, our company can use alternative equipment to help your company in emergency production if conditions permit.

How long is the equipment warranty period? If the equipment has quality problems during the warranty period and after the warranty period, what will you do?

The equipment warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, our company will provide free services (not including the warranty of equipment damage and wearing parts caused by man-made reasons). After the warranty period, our company will provide paid services. In case of equipment failure, our company will rush to the scene to deal with the problem in time after receiving the notice.

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