Process properties and application of kaolin

Pure kaolin has high whiteness, soft quality, easy to disperse and suspend in water, good plasticity and high viscosity, excellent electrical insulation…

7 advantages of air classifier

The air classifier, cyclone separator, dust collector and induced draft fan form a complete crushing system.

The advantages of metal silicon powder as a refractory material

The silica fume we usually say is also called silica fume and micro silica fume. It is the soot recovered from the production process of metal silicon or…

The Progress of Superfine Pulverization Technology in Modern Food Processing

Ultrafine pulverization treatment can make the material particle size reach 10 μm or even nanometer level.

Application of jet pulverization equipment in the production of titanium dioxide

Jet mill: As the most important equipment for jet milling, the quality of the jet mill directly determines the quality of the product.

Application of Superfine Talc Powder in Coatings and Paints

The nature of ultrafine talc powder is a natural hydrous magnesium silicate mineral. It is inert to most chemical reagents and does not decompose when in…

The difference between crystallization, fusion and spherical silica powder

The three microsilica powders have different application fields due to their different parameters.

The difference between crystallization, fusion and spherical silica powder

Generally speaking, the application fields are gradually becoming high-end in the order of crystalline silica powder, fused silica powder, and spherical silica…

Processing technology and requirements of quartz sand for plates

Quartz sand plays the role of aggregate in quartz stone slabs, and other aggregate raw materials include glass, metal, alumina or other minerals.

Three types of surface modification methods for barite powder

The most effective method is to modify the surface of barite, so that the modifier forms an adsorption layer or a monolayer film on the surface of barite.

About Ultrafine Powder Classification Technology

With the application of ultra-fine powder in modern industry more and more widely, the position of powder classification technology in powder processing…

Application of active wollastonite powder

Active wollastonite powder is a white, fine, soft powder. The difference from ordinary wollastonite powder is that a layer of fatty acid soap is adsorbed on…