Application of coal gangue in the field of dense ceramic materials

Through research, it is found that the main components in coal gangue are alumina and silica, and these compounds are commonly used raw materials for ceramic…

Effect of Modified Tourmaline Powder on Properties of ABS Composites

Tourmaline is used in water purification, medical treatment and other fields due to its piezoelectricity, far-infrared properties and the ability to release…

Application and characteristics of talcum powder in food grade grease

Food safety has always been the focus of people's attention. There are many factors affecting food safety, among which the pollution caused by the leakage of…

Application of metal powder materials in the pharmaceutical industry

The application of metal powders in medicine also involves different shape control.

Application of jet pulverization equipment in the production of titanium dioxide

Jet milling equipment includes jet mill, jet mill or fluid energy mill, which uses the energy of high-speed airflow or superheated steam to make particles…

Learn more about the benefits of fluidized bed jet mills

The fluidized bed jet mill has many advantages such as low energy consumption, small wear and high classification accuracy, and it is widely used in the…

Main beneficiation and purification technologies and characteristics of kaolin

At present, the purification process of kaolin mainly includes gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, leaching, chemical bleaching and roasting.

5 types of electronic communication function filling materials and market demand

Electronic communication functional filler is a kind of functional filler with excellent performance. It is filled in the packaging materials of electronic…

The Effect of Sugar Substances on the Crystallization of Nano-CaCO3

Nano-calcium carbonate is an important new nano-material, which is widely used in coatings, rubber, pap

Material Application of Tourmaline Mineral

Tourmaline mineral material is a material with special functions that is processed and prepared from natural tourmaline mineral as the main raw material.

Three Typical Processes and Applicable Objects of Powder Surface Modification

The surface modification process varies according to the surface modification method, equipment and powder preparation method. At present, the surface…

New ultra-fine powder materials, nano-calcium carbonate has great development potential

Nano-calcium carbonate, also known as ultra-fine calcium carbonate and ultra-fine calcium carbonate, belongs to a new type of ultra-fine solid powder material.