Drying & Dispersing

Dry milling has requirements for water content of material (usually <4%). Materials with high water content need to be properly dried before milling or reduce the moisture content to a certain limit before milling.

The powder products involved in food, medicine, fertilizer, pesticide and other industries will inevitably appear agglomeration during transportation and storage, which affects the normal use of these products and the full play of their beneficial effects. Before milling or powder surface modification, powders need to finish depolymerization.

When the material enters machine, it is milled at high speed, which increases the evaporation surface area, has a large drying capacity, significant energy saving, high thermal efficiency of more than 70%.

The quality of dried products is uniform, the maximum dehydration capacity can reach 2t/h, product modification can also be carried out at the same time.

Negative pressure, dust-free, operation is simple, maintenance cost is low, variety of automatic protection functions and high reliability.

The machines we can provide

Depending on the material, the capacity and particle size range will vary. Please contact our engineers to customize the machines more suitable for you.

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