Dust Removal & Collection

Purification and recycling of ultra-fine powders have become issues of concern related to environmental pollution, occupational safety and health, energy conservation. Therefore, it is necessary to use reasonable dust removal equipment to separate dust particles from gas, improve dust removal efficiency of ultrafine powder, protect the atmosphere, protect the health of workers and collect valuable dust particles.

After powders passes through mill and classifier, they are collected by cyclone or dust collector. The dust collector used is mainly filter bag type dust removal, in special cases, filter cartridge type or plastic sintered plate type is also used.

Advantages of ALPA Dust Removal & Collection

High dust removal efficiency

Using high-quality pulse valve, the kinetic energy of dust removal is large, filtration accuracy can reach 99.99%.

Reasonable structure design

The structure is simple and compact, space occupied is as small as possible.

Easy to operate

Adopting negative pressure, intelligent control, easy to adjust operation parameters.

Long service life

High-quality cloth bags and skeletons have long life and increase the replacement cycle.

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