Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that the responsibility of a company is not only to produce and sell high-quality products, but also to focus on work in areas such as safety, sustainable development and employee care. ALPA continues to implement the spirit of corporate social responsibility in its daily operations at every moment, do its utmost to repay the society and create more environmentally friendly, safer and healthier home with the world.

"Safety" is the top priority

We take safety very seriously. During the processing of ultra-fine powder, there are always safety concerns. We are committed to protecting every worker, every family and environment. We cooperate with a number of safety organizations, aiming to improve the safety and reliability of machines and people's safety awareness and do our best in our posts.

"Sustainable development" is the core principle

Since establishment, we have abide by the principle of "sustainable development", always regard the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of human beings as the core responsibilities of the enterprise and through continuous technological innovation, we have provided the society with energy-saving and efficient industrial powder processing equipment and services.

In the production, we plan to continuously reduce energy and resource consumption, reduce carbon dioxide and garbage emissions, increase recycling rate of corporate garbage. And developed a circular economy solution that uses industrial waste heat as a power source to make high-value-added comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste such as fly ash, slag, steel slag, tailings, and pond mud.

"Employee Care" is a lasting motivation

ALPA gives every employee full respect and care, reduces their anxiety, helplessness and turnover rate, helps them solve their social, psychological, management and health problems. Actively establish an employee assistance mechanism, overcome difficulties with employees through subsidies, donations and condolences to employees with severe illness.