Ball Mill and Air Classifier Production Line

Cooperate with the classifier to produce products of multiple particle sizes at the same time

The product particle size control is flexible, special design is adopted to reduce noise and emission. Automatic control, easy to operate. According to the scale of investment, it provides personalized customized scheme and provides value-added services.

It is widely used in calcium carbonate (calcite, marble, lime stone, chalk), quartz, zircon, paillite, barite, kaoline, dolomite, magnesite, alumina, super fine cement, slag, steel slag, etc.

According to different materials and application industries, the production capacity and particle size range will be different.
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Machine Advantages

  • The ball mill adopts special design and suitable proportion of grinding medium to achieve ideal grinding fineness;
  • The slab-type grinding tail discharges, the discharging is smooth, and the cylinder does not need to be cooled;
  • The feeding of ball mill is controlled continuously to ensure the stability of feeding and achieve the highest grinding efficiency;
  • Through quantitative injection of grinding additives by metering pump, the accurate ratio is ensured, and the grinding efficiency and stability of product performance are improved;
  • The silo adopts high quality level indicator to ensure the automatic control of the production process;
  • By using different combinations of single or multiple classifiers, products with different fineness can be produced at the same time, or the product specifications can be changed at any time according to the demand, which has greater flexibility;
  • The classifier is equipped with speed sensor and control system to measure, evaluate and compensate the air temperature, air pressure, air volume and filter pressure difference, so as to ensure the stability of product quality;
  • The conveying system is manufactured according to DIN and ISO standards with high stability;
  • The whole line adopts automatic control system to achieve stable load of machine and ensure low energy consumption.

Working Principle

After coarse crushing, the material is fed into the ball mill through a controllable feeding device. The grinding medium in the mill repeatedly impacts and grinds the material by virtue of the kinetic energy obtained when the mill rotates. The crushed material is discharged into the suction tank through the tail of the ball mill, and then transported to the classifier for classification by negative pressure. The qualified fine powder is collected by cyclone collector or dust collector, The coarse particles after classification are discharged from the lower end of the classifier, and then re-enter the ball mill for crushing through the feeding pipe.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters of ball mill grinding and classifying production line (taking calcium carbonate as an example)

Technical parameters of ball mill grinding and classifying production line (take quartz as an example)

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineers for details.