Hammer Mill

Tooth claws, movable hammers, hammers, and grinding discs are easy to replace.

It is widely used in chemical industry, inorganic salt, medicine, food, pigment, dye, pesticide, battery material, mineral, refractory material and other industries.

According to different materials and application industries, the production capacity and particle size range will be different.
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Working Principle & Advantages

The material is evenly sent to the grinding chamber by the feeding system, and receives the strong impact of the high-speed rotating grinding movable disk. At the same time, it receives the action of multiple comprehensive forces such as friction, shear, and collision between the static disk and the gear ring, so that the grinding, according to the nature of the material, the grinding movable disk and the static disk can be combined with different structures to meet the grinding needs of different materials.

  • Particle size range D50: 10~850μm;
  • The aperture of the screen is 2mm-3mm;
  • Compact structure, small footprint, easy to disassemble and clean;
  • The entire system is sealed and ground, with less dust, low noise, and the production process is clean and environmentally friendly;
  • The control system adopts program control, which is easy to operate;
  • Low installed power, wide application range and high cost performance;
  • Different installation combinations are suitable for different process requirements;
  • The motor can be connected with a belt to increase the speed, breaking through the problem that well-known motor brands do not have high-speed motors;
  • Explosion-proof design can be selected to meet the ultra-fine grinding processing requirements of flammable, explosive and oxidizing materials;
  • The design of high temperature, low temperature and normal temperature can be selected, with airtight circulation and inert gas circulation to meet the requirements of crushing temperature of different materials.

Technical Parameters

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineers for details.