Chemical fertilizers refer to fertilizers produced by chemical methods or mining minerals, and are also called inorganic fertilizers, including nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, potash fertilizers, micro-fertilizers, compound fertilizers, etc. They have the following common characteristics: simple composition, high nutrient content; fast fertilizer effect and strong fertilizer; some fertilizers have acid-base reaction; generally they do not contain organic matter and have no effect on improving soil fertility.

Chemical fertilizer is a compound mixture made from various raw materials after reasonable adjustment and processing. After the ultrafine treatment, the surface area of the particles is increased, and their dispersibility, adsorption capacity, surface activity, etc. have comprehensive changes, which are of great significance for improving fertilizer efficiency and saving dosage.

A compound fertilizer company in Saudi Arabia, potassium sulfate grinding production line

This customer is a well-known compound fertilizer manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. He wants to process potassium sulfate as a compound fertilizer material, but requires large processing capacity, low production cost, and realization of the drying function. After investigating many Chinese companies, after many comparisons, the final choice cooperate with ALPA.

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We can provide processes and equipmentthat meet the following performance indicators

According to the material risk and explosion-proof level, the integrated safety and fire control measures such as explosion release, explosion isolation and explosion suppression are adopted to ensure the safety and control of the production operation process.

According to the temperature requirements of the material production process, air cooling, water cooling, liquid nitrogen and other targeted temperature control measures are adopted to keep the material at an appropriate temperature during the production process.

Adopting air or inert gas circulation closed circulation process design to effectively control the intake of external moisture.

The key parts in contact with the materials are protected by a variety of materials to ensure the purity of the materials to a greater extent.

The integrated solution of drying and grinding can shorten the process flow, save workshop space, and greatly reduce unit energy consumption and machine investment.