Production & Supply Chain Management

ERP System

The company implements ERP project management, realizes synchronous engineering and lean production, and optimizes management in terms of production supply chain maintenance, financial resource allocation, and human resource deployment.

Warehouse Barcode Management System

The warehousing barcode logistics management system is based on advanced barcode technology, and carries out barcode tracking management for the entire process of material warehousing, requisition, product warehousing, delivery and shipment.

Supply Chain Management System

ALPA has established a global procurement system, implemented global procurement, shortened delivery time and reduced production costs. ALPA implements product life cycle quality tracking management, tracking all parts and components supplied by suppliers throughout the process.

Strict Quality Control Management

14 manufacturing inspection procedures, from drawing design, raw material procurement to finished product warehousing, issuing quality inspection reports, detailing each work link, strictly controlling the equipment production process, using the most advanced inspection and processing equipment, and providing machine tools. The accuracy of the components provides a reliable guarantee to ensure that every process and every product can be tested by quality inspection.







Certification Authority

ALPA is one of the earliest companies in the industry that passed the ISO9001 quality management system authority certification. At the same time, ALPA has free import and export rights, and has obtained CE certification for export to the European Union and GOST certification for export to Russia. The machine design used in the medical industry fully meets the requirements of GMP certification.