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ULM Series Turbo Mill

ULM Turbo Mill

Adopting German technology, high-precision machinery mill, continuous technological innovation and upgrading, suitable for 60-10000 mesh (250μm-1μm).

  • Feature:

    Rotor type grinding, multi-layer grinding cutter head, strong shear force and break force, can be used for the disruption and drying of wet-grinding agglomerates.

  • Applicable:

    Especially suitable for the dispersion and reduction of agglomerated materials, such as: light calcium, kaolin, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, and ultrafine grinding of heat sensitive materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE, cellulose. Widely used in non-metallic minerals, chemicals, fuel, feed, food and other industries.

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For more information, please Email or call our 24-hour hotline.



Unique Advantages

To achieve ultrafine, high purification, functional, intelligent, carbon reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection is the mission and responsibility that time has given us.

Adjustable grinding cutter head

The adjustable grinding cutter head has wide adaptability, distance between the grinding cutter head and the ring gear can be adjusted to adapt to the grinding of different materials, especially suitable for the coarse grinding of the fibrous high tenacity materials. (50 – 500 mesh).

Achieve dry and dispersing function simultaneously

Multi-purpose machine, hot air source, achieve drying and dispersing functions at the same time. The grinding and dispersing area is under the action of the high-speed rotor, the material is in full contact with the hot air, fully heat exchange, moisture is taken away effectively, the heat source is more efficiently utilized. Energy saving 30%-50% compared with traditional drying processing.

PLC programming control

Using PLC programming control, achieve hierarchical authority management, storable, vibration sensors etc. using effective warning to prevent problems before they occur.

SKF bearing

SKF bearings make the drive run more smoothly.

Working Principle

Creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology.

The material is uniformly fed into the grinding zone by feeding system and strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding disc. The grinding rotor is composed  of a multi-layer grinding disc and a plurality of grinding blades, the material is subjected to various grinding forces such as shearing, collision, friction etc and finished grinding. The qualified materials are collected into the collection zone with the ascending airflow, the coarse materials are returned to the grinding zone for secondary grinding.

Product Atlas

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Technical Parameters

Germany’s exquisite technology has been passed down and carried forward by us. Over 30 patents have enabled our products to lead the world.
Parameters/specificationsRotor Diameter(mm)Power (kw)Rotate Speed(Max r/min)Maximal Air Volume(m3/h)Fineness(um)Output(kg/h)

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.

Applications and Services

Equipment is the foundation, technology is the soul, and service is the guarantee.

Applicable material

This equipment is especially suitable for the dispersion reduction of agglomerated materials, such as: light calcium, kaolin, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, and ultrafine grinding of heat sensitive materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE, cellulose. Widely used in the non-metallic mineral, chemical, fuel, feed, food and other industries, the ultrafine grinding needs of raw materials.

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Customer Service

From your first call, to the next communication, inspection, testing, detection analysis, determining the product model and process flow, to complete equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, worker training and compliance production, we will ensure that every step is implemented in place. In order to make you a word-of-mouth communicator of ALPA products and services, we will spare no effort.

Product Parts

The parts service provided by ALPA has been servicing more than 1,000 customers for 18 years and has been proven by markets. The parts are shipped quickly, with full stock, good quality, low loss and long service life, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of your equipment.

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