In order to promote development of solid waste industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas, China Industrial Solid Waste Network-Technology Achievement Transformation Platform unites Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tailings Comprehensive Utilization Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, China High-tech Industrialization Research Association Mining Value-added Service Alliance, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University Xinxing Yuanjian Lightweight New Materials Joint Research Institute, Chinese Ceramic Society Process Petrology Branch and other industry associations, scientific research institutes, related enterprises and institutions will be held on April 24-26, 2021 The“2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Area Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization (International) High-level Forum”was held at Wyndham Beijing Longcheng Hotel, and the“2021 National Bulk Solid Waste Resource Utilization Technology/Equipment Exhibition”will be held at the same time. “The 2nd National Construction Waste Resource Utilization Forum”, “2021 Industrial Solid Waste Preparation Ceramic Series Products High-value Utilization Forum”.

The theme of this conference is “Industrial Convergence and Symbiosis Regional Coordinated Development”. Mr. Zhang Jingjie, Chairman of Alpa Powder Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the exchange meeting and gave a title of “Bulky Industrial Solid Waste Based on Advanced Processing and Co-gelling Technology”. Academic speech on Comprehensive Utilization of High Value.

Chairman Zhang Jingjie analyzed performance characteristics of ultra-fine steel slag powder in his speech, from the cascade utilization of steel slag and fly ash, the high-value utilization of coal gangue, the sensible heat recovery of high-temperature slag and preparation of ultrafine tailings, metallurgical slag and enrichment and separation of tailings, etc., extraction of valuable components, fine preparation of various bulk solid waste powders and their products, other solid waste research directions and new industrialization technologies will be elaborated in detail. Scholars share and discuss the high-efficiency and selective crushing of solid waste, low-cost ultra-fine grinding and classification, multi-solid waste compounding and synergistic gelation, functional modification, inorganic gelling packaging, mechanical air-pressure forming and pressure Controllable foaming and other aspects of technical research.

The forum focuses on healthy development of industrial green transformation and development, green mine construction, comprehensive industrial solid waste utilization in the new era. Starting from actual needs of solid waste production and utilization companies, it is a waste-producing enterprise, solid waste utilization technology-based unit, solid waste treatment. Equipment units, etc. build technology, information, and cooperation and exchange platforms. During the forum, award ceremony of “2021 National Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Most Valuable Innovative Technology Award” will be held to introduce innovative technologies with the most investment value and provide strong technical support for waste-producing enterprises.

Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd., as co-organizer, knows that there is a long way to go and will continue to take the lead, take promotion of powder technology progress and sound development of the industry as its own responsibility, always keep in mind “to create advanced materials with powder technology historical mission of “the future”, adhering to values ​​of “belief in compliance and symbiosis”, focus on scientific research and technological innovation, further improve core equipment, optimize service levels, improve management systems, and accelerate the brand building process.

On the road of promoting the green development of industry, ALPA will also continue to increase research and development in the solid waste field, actively promote the prosperity and stable development of the solid waste field and the environmental protection industry, and resolutely implement the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, will be more advanced powder technology and higher-quality powder equipment bring to the majority of users at home and abroad, create higher benefits and market value for customers.