The principle of daily maintenance of ball mill

In Industry News01/12/20212 Minutes

Ball mills can play a greater role in industrial production only after good daily maintenance.

1.   All lubricating oil should be discharged when the mill is put into continuous operation for one month, thoroughly cleaned, and replaced with new oil. In the future, the oil change will be carried out approximately every 6 months in conjunction with the middle repair.

2.  The lubrication condition and oil level of each lubrication point are checked at least every 4 hours.

3.  When the mill is running, the temperature of the main bearing lubricating oil should be lower than 55°C.

4.  When the mill is running normally, the temperature rise of the transmission bearing and reducer should not exceed 60℃, and the high temperature should be lower than 70℃.

5.  The large and small gears drive smoothly without abnormal noise.

6.  The ball mill runs smoothly without strong vibration.

7.  Check the motor current from time to time for no abnormal fluctuations.

8.  During routine maintenance, ensure that the connecting fasteners are not loose, and there is no oil leakage or water leakage on the joint surface.

9.  The wear condition of the steel ball should be added in time.

10.  If an abnormal situation is found, the grinding should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

11.  The mill liner should be replaced when it is 70% worn or there are 70mm long cracks.

12.  When the liner bolts are damaged and the liner becomes loose, replace it.

13.  Check that the main bearing should be replaced when it is severely worn.

These maintenance principles seem cumbersome, but in fact the operation is very simple. As long as the production of the ball mill is treated seriously and carefully, and the daily maintenance is done, the economic benefits that the ball mill can bring will be huge.