Precautions for the use of stainless steel jet mill

In Industry News08/12/20213 Minutes

The stainless steel jet mill is a kind of jet mill. It is different from the ordinary jet mill only in material. The stainless steel jet mill is suitable for medicine and food or materials with requirements for purity, so is there any difference in the use of this equipment?

1.   Before using the stainless steel jet mill, check whether all the fasteners of the machine are tightened and the belt is tight.

2.  The rotation direction of the spindle must be in accordance with the direction of the arrow shown on the protective cover, otherwise it will damage the machine and may cause personal injury.

3.  Check whether the electrical appliances of the stainless steel grinder are complete.

4.  Check whether there are any hard objects such as metal in the crushing chamber of the stainless steel crusher, otherwise the cutters will be damaged and the operation of the machine will be affected.

5.  The purity of the material must be checked before crushing, and no hard metal debris is allowed to be mixed in, so as to avoid damage to the tool or cause burning and other accidents.

6.  The oil cup on the machine should be filled with lubricating oil frequently to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7.  Stop feeding before stopping the machine. If you do not continue to use it, remove the leftovers in the machine.

8.  Regularly check whether the cutter and the screen are damaged. If damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

9.  The machine body will vibrate slightly when in use. Be sure to tighten the machine cover connection handle to avoid accidents.

Cleaning items:

1.   Cleaning other parts of the jet mill: Mainly clean the cover of the mill and the parts with screws on the outside. These areas can be cleaned by lightly brushing with a brush. If necessary, clean them with water or detergent.

2.  Cleaning the cabin of the grinder. The machine room of the grinder is what we call the grinding chamber. The crushing of items is carried out in the grinding chamber, so it is the head part of the part that is mainly cleaned.