Application of jet mill in biopharmaceutical

In Industry News12/01/20222 Minutes

Jet mills are mainly used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc., such as cement, minerals, fertilizer production, etc. With the improvement of technology and the development of biopharmaceutical technology, jet mills are gradually used in food processing, biopharmaceuticals, and more and more widely. There are mainly the following types of jet mills used in industry: flat jet mill, fluidized bed jet mill, circulating tubular jet mill, counter jet jet mill, and target jet mill.

Traditional Chinese medicine jet mill mainly refers to cell-level micro-grinding. The main medicinal components of animal and botanical medicines are usually distributed in the intracellular and intercellular substance, and mainly in the cell. When the cell wall is broken, the effective components in the cell are exposed, so the drug effect is greatly improved, and the onset speed is fast. The use of ultrafine jet mill to grind traditional Chinese medicine also has the following advantages:

1) Improve the quality of the finished product. Through cell-level micro-grinding, the effective components are fully released and the bioavailability is high; on the premise of ensuring the efficacy, the dosage can be reduced, and the quality of the finished product is stable and controllable.

2) To improve the grade of finished products, through cell-level micro-grinding, combined with surface modification, particle design, compounding or coating and other application technologies, it provides an effective means for the reform of traditional Chinese medicine formulations to develop towards miniaturization and diversification.

3) Reduce the production cost, and the added value of the finished product is high. Through the cell-level micro-grinding, it can improve the efficacy (reduce the dosage of the drug), simplify the production process (reduce the labor and equipment investment), and meet the requirements of reducing the production cost.

Traditional grinders have certain limitations in powder particle size, powder yield, powder collection rate, and preservation of active ingredients. Jet milling technology will provide new opportunities for the development of ultra-fine pharmaceutical powders with better curative effects and better varieties.