Ball mill steel ball configuration

In Industry News13/01/20223 Minutes

As a widely used grinding equipment, the filling of the grinding body (steel ball) is very important. During the working process of the ball mill, the friction between the steel ball and the material produces a grinding and peeling effect. Only by ensuring that the gradation of the grinding body (steel ball) is reasonable and the various grinding bodies have a certain proportion, can it be adapted to the particle size composition of the material to be ground. , to obtain a good grinding effect. Reasonable selection of the gradation of ball mill steel balls is a measure to improve the output and product quality of the ball mill.

The basic principles of ball mill steel ball grading are:

(1) Under normal circumstances, the larger the diameter of the mill, the larger the impact force, so the diameter of the steel ball is relatively small;

(2) When dealing with ore with high hardness and coarse particle size, it needs a large impact force, so it is necessary to load a steel ball with a larger size. That is, the harder the material, the larger the diameter of the steel ball;

(3) Generally follow the principle of “fewer two ends, more in the middle”, that is, four-level ball distribution, less large and small balls, and more balls in the middle.

When choosing a steel ball, there are many factors to consider. Such as the type of mill and the diameter and length of the cylinder; the hardness, toughness and particle size requirements of the material to be ground; large or small balls cannot be blindly pursued; the material should be selected according to actual needs.

After the ball mill is installed, the equipment needs to be run-in, and the processing capacity should be gradually increased, so the addition of steel balls is not completed at one time. Under normal circumstances, in the test run stage with load, the addition of steel balls needs to be completed in three to four times and adjusted according to the measured fineness of the material.

After the normal operation of the ball mill, the steel balls will continue to wear during the operation. In order to maintain the filling rate and reasonable ratio of the steel balls and maintain the stable operation of the ball mill, reasonable supplementary balls must be carried out to compensate for the wear and tear. Reasonable friction between steel balls and steel balls, steel balls and ore, steel balls and the lining plate of the ball mill will make the large ball mill small and the medium ball mill into small balls. So under normal circumstances, there is no need to add a small ball.

Each user must carefully analyze their actual situation, and only through long-term research and accumulation can they find out the right loading ratio and addition amount, and must not add blindly.