How to use and maintain the jet mill

In Industry News23/11/20214 Minutes

The application of jet mill is very wide, and some matters need to be paid attention to when using, including preparation work and operation process before starting up, maintenance work and so on.

  1. Preparation before starting

Check whether the host, connecting machine, pipes and valves are in good condition and can work normally.

  1. Turn on

Boot sequence:

Ensure that the draught fan door is closed, turn on the air compressor, and wait for the compressed air pressure to meet the process requirements. Turn on the sealing gas, turn on the cleaning gas, and turn on the classifier.

Turn on the induced draft fan. After the induced draft fan current drops (40-60 seconds), open the air-regulating door to the opening required by the process. Note that the working current of the induced draft fan motor cannot exceed the rated value.

Turn on the pulse meter, turn on the grinding gas; confirm that the system equipment is working properly, turn on the screw feeder, and add the raw materials. During the production process, raw materials must be supplied and finished products collected in a timely manner.

Shutdown sequence:

Turn off the screw feeder and wait one minute for the next step.

Turn off the grinding gas. Turn off the induced draft fan. Turn off the classifier. Turn off the purge gas. Turn off the sealing gas. Turn off the pulse meter.

  1. Maintenance

(1) The motor should be lubricated regularly, but the lubricating oil should not be excessive to avoid excessive bearing temperature.

(2) It is important to check the wear of the impeller, screw conveyor and crushing nozzle.

(3) After the material is crushed, the rubber powder in the machine should be cleaned to avoid clogging, thereby affecting the crushing effect.

(4) After a period of use, the filter bag should be cleaned or replaced.

  1. Matters needing attention

(1) The host equipment and electric control cabinet must be strictly grounded.

(2) The filter element of the dust collector should be in a dry state. If the material discharged by the induced draft fan is found, the filter element should be checked and repaired or replaced in time, and the pneumatic components such as the pulse valve should be checked. If there is a fault, please repair or replace it in time.

(3) The auxiliary air source must be dried and purified to remove moisture and impurities in the air.

(4) Before starting the induced draft fan, the air regulating valve should be closed and fixed. After starting, it should be opened gradually until the required working condition is reached, but the rated current of the motor should not be exceeded.

(5) Before opening the classifier, the sealing gas and cleaning gas must be opened (the pressure of the gas source must be sufficient).

(6) Before starting the machine, check whether there is any debris in the rotor of the grading wheel, and remove it if there is any, so as to prevent the rotor from being unbalanced and damaging the rotor.

(7) The operation room is ventilated, and the operator takes necessary dust-proof measures.

(8) To keep the system unblocked, it is strictly forbidden to block the operation, and regularly check and clean the adhering materials inside the crusher.